In recent years, there are more and more people who have participated in the test for national civil servants. Millions of students choose civil servant as their most ideal occupation after graduation. And among them, the high-educated, like masters and doctors, take quite a large percentage. The craze in civil servant test has attracted widespread attention.

The following reasons can account for this kind of craze. Above all, nowadays college students facegreat employment pressure. Civil servant, as one of the most stable professions in todays China,becomes their preferable choice. Moreover, in recent years, the welfare and salary of civil servants have been improved greatly, which undoubtedly attracts many people. Besides, the high social position of civil servants is an important factor drawing many people to take part in the civil servant test.

In my opinion, this craze in civil servant test will continue in the following years. However, from the long run, it doesnt do good to the development of the nation. If most high quality talents gather in the government departments, it might lead to a waste of resources. Therefore, both the individuals and the government should have a more objective recognition of the civil servant test craze.



Among all the highlighted topics, there is how to live a meaning life? Everyone has his or her own opinion. As the saying has it, the greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. I cannot agree any more.


If our life is just to pursue something for ourselves, we will surely feel fruitless and meaningless when we grow old. From Steve Jobss bibliography, we can get that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Steve Jobs has brought a great many changes to our world. His life, although short, definitely outlast. Thats a life worth living.


Therefore, if there is a way to make my life meaningful, it should be to find something Im interested in and also helpful to others or the whole society. Only in this way can I keep my passion throughout my life until I finally fulfil my life.




Nowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part in our life, and we use it for various purposes, such as searching useful information and chatting online. However, now more and more people turn to the Internet for help whenever they have trouble in finding solutions to their problems, and this phenomenon has aroused the publics attention.


Relying on the Internet to solve all our difficulties can have bad impacts on us. On one hand, since we can always settle the troubles by searching solutions online, we can become very lazy and dont bother to think up answers by ourselves, which can hinder the development of creative thinking. On the other hand, the answers online may be inaccurate or wrong. If we use them without thinking the credibility of them, we may make serious mistakes someday.


As far as Im concerned, we shouldnt completely depend on the Internet to settle problems. When we come across some difficulties, wed better 阿卡索外教网怎么样 wxkejie。Com这个点评很专业try our best to find possible solutions. If we make great efforts and still cant come up with an answer, then we can surf online to search solutions. But we should question the correctness of these answers before we adopt them.




The two pictures illustrate vividly . In the left picture ,while in the right .

From the two pictures we can sense a crazy tendency of . Aside from ,another外教一对一英语价格贵不贵,roogge.com一年大概需要多少钱? telling example is ,which was so successful in that . The pictures also make it obvious that we should .

Admittedly,it is natural that . Nevertheless,it is the responsibility of our government and society to . In my opinion,whats the more important is to . In short,.


The cartoon reveals a very thought-provoking scene. The artist purposefully exaggerates . This picture reveals the in-depth problem of .

In fact, . There are two reasons for this. The first and perhaps most important is that . The other reason is more serious from a practical point of view. . It owes to .

In my point of view, the trend goes quite against the genuine and original purpose of our . What I want to emphasize by the above analysis is that, . Therefore, I strongly contend that .


As the old Chinese saying goes, . It echoes with this picture in which . The title of the picture further points out that .

The picture is meant to . As far as I am concerned, I think . This universal truth can be particularly proved in the field of , where .

A brief survey of history about also demonstrates the fundamental importance of . , for example, . The same principle applies to common people as well, and I am sure everybody can benefit from .


What is presented here is a very interesting scenario . From the subtitle we can infer that . Conspicuously, .

We can deduce from the picture that . It partly owes to , and partly to . Except the case reflected in the picture, there are numerous evidence demonstrating . For example, .

From a personal point of view, I am delighted to witness . To sum up, . As for China, . Therefore,. I can firmly conclude that in the long run, cultural exchanges will contribute to a flourishing Chinese and global economy, as well as diversified cultures.

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